Seismic Data

Disc 2: Lines 24-52
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FILE: l24f1 9806 traces:
Start of file: l24f1 SHOT=1 day=77 hour=23 minute=56 sec=12
__End of file: l24f1 SHOT=9806 day=77 hour=0 minute=40 sec=27

FILE: l25f1 6294 traces:
Start of file: l25f1 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=12 minute=59 sec=2
__End of file: l25f1 SHOT=12588 day=81 hour=13 minute=55 sec=51
FILE: l26f1 6315 traces:
Start of file: l26f1 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=13 minute=58 sec=26
__End of file: l26f1 SHOT=12630 day=81 hour=14 minute=55 sec=29
There are no lines 27f1 or 27f2.
FILE: l27f3 8448 traces:
Start of file: l27f3 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=15 minute=31 sec=57
__End of file: l27f3 SHOT=16896 day=81 hour=16 minute=48 sec=19
FILE: l28f1 8212 traces:
Start of file: l28f1 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=16 minute=51 sec=29
__End of file: l28f1 SHOT=16424 day=81 hour=18 minute=5 sec=38
FILE: l29f1 8751 traces:
Start of file: l29f1 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=18 minute=10 sec=58
__End of file: l29f1 SHOT=17502 day=81 hour=19 minute=29 sec=54
FILE: l30f1 8469 traces:
Start of file: l30f1 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=19 minute=32 sec=55
__End of file: l30f1 SHOT=16938 day=81 hour=20 minute=49 sec=20
FILE: l31f1 10356 traces:
Start of file: l31f1 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=20 minute=53 sec=13
__End of file: l31f1 SHOT=20712 day=81 hour=22 minute=26 sec=59
There is no line 32f1.
FILE: l32f2 9237 traces:
Start of file: l32f2 SHOT=2 day=81 hour=23 minute=46 sec=6
__End of file: l32f2 SHOT=18474 day=81 hour=1 minute=9 sec=24
FILE: l33f1 10196 traces:
Start of file: l33f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=1 minute=15 sec=16
__End of file: l33f1 SHOT=20392 day=82 hour=2 minute=47 sec=22
FILE: l34f1 8694 traces:
Start of file: l34f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=2 minute=51 sec=36
__End of file: l34f1 SHOT=17388 day=82 hour=4 minute=9 sec=58
FILE: l35f1 10106 traces:
Start of file: l35f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=4 minute=15 sec=57
__End of file: l35f1 SHOT=20212 day=82 hour=5 minute=47 sec=34
FILE: l36f1 9837 traces:
Start of file: l36f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=5 minute=51 sec=37
__End of file: l36f1 SHOT=19674 day=82 hour=7 minute=20 sec=25
FILE: l37f1 9777 traces:
Start of file: l37f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=7 minute=24 sec=12
__End of file: l37f1 SHOT=19554 day=82 hour=8 minute=52 sec=34
FILE: l38f1 9837 traces:
Start of file: l38f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=8 minute=56 sec=18
__End of file: l38f1 SHOT=19674 day=82 hour=10 minute=25 sec=16
FILE: l39f1 9742 traces:
Start of file: l39f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=10 minute=29 sec=32
__End of file: l39f1 SHOT=19484 day=82 hour=11 minute=57 sec=28
FILE: l40f1 9223 traces:
Start of file: l40f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=12 minute=2 sec=44
__End of file: l40f1 SHOT=18446 day=82 hour=13 minute=26 sec=7
FILE: l41f1 11306 traces:
Start of file: l41f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=13 minute=35 sec=36
__End of file: l41f1 SHOT=22612 day=82 hour=15 minute=17 sec=45
FILE: l42f1 9847 traces:
Start of file: l42f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=15 minute=26 sec=56
__End of file: l42f1 SHOT=19694 day=82 hour=16 minute=55 sec=51
FILE: l43f1 9459 traces:
Start of file: l43f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=17 minute=0 sec=45
__End of file: l43f1 SHOT=18918 day=82 hour=18 minute=26 sec=18
FILE: l44f1 4940 traces:
Start of file: l44f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=18 minute=51 sec=19
__End of file: l44f1 SHOT=9880 day=82 hour=19 minute=35 sec=52
FILE: l44f2 1233 traces:
Start of file: l44f2 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=19 minute=35 sec=53
__End of file: l44f2 SHOT=2466 day=82 hour=19 minute=47 sec=6
FILE: l45f1 5028 traces:
Start of file: l45f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=19 minute=49 sec=29
__End of file: l45f1 SHOT=10056 day=82 hour=20 minute=34 sec=52
FILE: l46f1 5493 traces:
Start of file: l46f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=20 minute=49 sec=13
__End of file: l46f1 SHOT=10986 day=82 hour=21 minute=38 sec=41
FILE: l47f1 5959 traces:
Start of file: l47f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=21 minute=51 sec=4
__End of file: l47f1 SHOT=11918 day=82 hour=22 minute=44 sec=56
FILE: l48f1 6685 traces:
Start of file: l48f1 SHOT=2 day=82 hour=23 minute=1 sec=42
__End of file: l48f1 SHOT=13370 day=82 hour=0 minute=2 sec=27
FILE: l49f1 6175 traces:
Start of file: l49f1 SHOT=2 day=83 hour=0 minute=15 sec=59
__End of file: l49f1 SHOT=12350 day=83 hour=1 minute=11 sec=42
FILE: l50f1 7129 traces:
Start of file: l50f1 SHOT=2 day=83 hour=1 minute=27 sec=31
__End of file: l50f1 SHOT=14258 day=83 hour=2 minute=31 sec=49
There is no line 51f1.
FILE: l51f2 9552 traces:
Start of file: l51f2 SHOT=2 day=84 hour=22 minute=7 sec=9
__End of file: l51f2 SHOT=19104 day=84 hour=23 minute=33 sec=31
FILE: l52f1 10361 traces:
Start of file: l52f1 SHOT=2 day=84 hour=23 minute=36 sec=40
__End of file: l52f1 SHOT=20722 day=84 hour=1 minute=10 sec=15