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Archive of the ISIS Sidescan Sonar and DGPS
Navigation Field Data
Collected on USGS Cruise 96005
1-14 June, 1996

USGS Open-File Report 98-798

U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole Field Center, Woods Hole, MA  02543


This CD-ROM contains copies of the navigation and field sidescan sonar data collected during USGS Cruise 96005 aboard the  MS COASTAL II  The cruise was conducted during 1-14 June, 1996, and was a collaborative field program between researchers at Coastal Carolina University and the USGS, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Woods Hole Field

The ultimate goal of the SC Coastal Erosion Study is to develop a statewide sediment budget and geologic framework of the barrier island/inlet systems of South Carolina. USGS sidescan data collection helped document sand migration within the nearshore zone, quantify the sediment transport associated with ebb tidal delta complexes, and understand physical stresses on nearshore morphology.


      README -- HTML file describing the contents of this CD-ROM.

      Field Data - - Links to the sidescan sonar and navigation data.

      Cruise Report.

      Plots and Track Maps -- Trackline Maps in Postscript and GIF format

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      Data Disclaimer

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