The sub-directory rawnav, under the directory nav, contains theRAW DGPS NAVIGATION that was collected using a USGS differential GPS system (Ashtech). These files were extracted from the SEG-Y seismic trace headers for each unique fix available (~ every 5 sec.). WARNING: These data have not been checked for errors. Use with caution.

The navigation is stored as tabular ASCII files or as standard SEG-P1 format files.   The ASCII files consist of eight fields separated by commas. These files are located in the shotnav sub-directory, under the nav directory..

Shotpoint Maps:
Dumpsite Area Map: Lines 1-25, 30-31, 111-113
Mosaic Area  Map: Lines 26-29, 32-110

Shotpoint Navigation Files (ASCII):
Dumpsite Area Shot Navigation: Lines 26-29, 30-31, 111-113
Mosaic Area Shot Navigation: Lines 26-29, 32-110

Shotpoint SEG-P1 Files:
Dumpsite SEG-P1: Lines 26-29, 30-31, 111-113
Mosaic SEG-P1: Lines 26-29, 32-110

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