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Summary for Field Activity Number 1985-005-FA

Alternate Leg ID: P-3-85

Area of Operations: U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, United States, Caribbean Sea, North America, North Atlantic

Dates: Mar 14, 1985 to Mar 28, 1985

Objectives: Collect high-resolution single-channel seismic reflection data near Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This endeavor was secondary to the collection of gravity data by the USGS-Menlo Park personnel for the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA). This report covers the seismic reflection aspects of the cruise.

Type of Activity: Seismic profiling
Gravity data collection

Information to be derived: Seismic reflection data
Gravity data collection

Summary: Seismic reflection data gathered: Lines 35A, 35A-TRANS, 32, 32A-TRANS, 33, 33A-TRANS, 34, 34A-TRANS, 30, 52, 26, 26A-TRANS, 29, 28, 28A-TRANS, 28B, 28-WEST, 27, 27A-TRANS, 55, 53, 54B, 54A-TRANS, 16, 45, 45A-TRANS, 3, 3A-TRANS, 4, 4A-TRANS, 42, 42A-TRANS, 8, 8A-TRANS, 7, 6, 5, 5A-TRANS, 9, 9A-TRANS, 10/11, 10A, 12/13, 13A, 13A/B-TRANS, 14C, 14A-TRANS, 14B-TRANS, and 50.

USGS Project Number: CARIB BN

Contact: Kathy Scanlon (

InfoBank: uses the identifier P-1-85-VI. Visit this site for more information.

InfoBank: uses the identifier P-3-85-CB. Visit this site for more information.

Click to get Google Software - Download 85005.kml to view this field activity in Google Earth

Map for Area of Operations :

Map of field activity boundary.

Platform Info:
photo of POWELL, JW

The following materials for this field activity are available in the Information Archives:

Paper seismic/sidescan bottom profiles:

Inventory #LinesFolderStart TimeEnd TimeProfile TypeRemarks
0184430,52,26,26A,* 00410:50 03/18/198510:45 03/19/1985 UNI-
0184529,28,28A,28B,* 00510:52 03/19/198506:05 03/20/1985 UNI- *28WEST
0184628W,27,27A,55,* 00606:09 03/20/198514:34 03/21/1985 UNI- *53
0184826,26A,29,28,* 00214:00 03/18/198504:00 03/27/1985 AIR- 4 SEC SWP*28B,28WEST,27,27A,55,53,54,54A,16,45,45A,3,3A,4,4A,42,42A,8,8A,7,6,5,5A,9,9A
0184914,14A,14B,50 00312:24 03/27/198510:15 03/28/1985 AIR- 4 SEC SWP
0184914 00304:05 03/27/198511:45 03/27/1985 AIR- 4 SEC SWP
0185315FILLWEST,36,* 00308:45 03/11/198510:21 03/20/1985 AIR- 6 SEC SWP*32,32A,33,33A,34,34A,30,52,26,26A,29,28,28A,28B,28WEST
0185427,27A,55,53,* 00410:21 03/20/198518:24 03/26/1985 AIR- 6 SEC SWP*54,16,45,45A,03,03A,04,04A,42,42A,08,08A,07,06,05,05A,09,09A,10/11,10A,12/13
0185513A,13A/B,14,* 00518:35 03/26/198510:15 03/28/1985 AIR- 6 SEC SWP*14A,4B,51,50
0184354,30 00306:15 03/05/198510:45 03/18/1985 UNI- *85CB
0184714,15W,15FILL-* 00118:00 03/09/198513:00 03/18/1985 AIR- 4 SEC SWP*85CB,WEST,35,35A,32,32A,33,33A,34,34A,30,52
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