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Summary for Field Activity Number 1991-041-FA

Area of Operations: south coast of Puerto Rico, Caja de Muertos, Salinas, Jobos, Puerto Rico, United States, Caribbean Sea, North America, North Atlantic

Dates: November 06, 1991 to November 21, 1991

Objectives: Marine geologic maps of Puerto Rico Insular Shelf, Salinas to Jobos area and Caja de Muertos area by Trias and Uchupi, scale 1:40,000.

Type of Activity:

Information to be derived:

Summary: Approximately 200 nautical miles of shallow seismic reflection data were collected in the nearshore waters of Caja de Muertos and Salinas-Jobos to study sub-bottom profiles. More than 200 surface samples have been analyzed for textural and chemical qualities and to delineate the boundaries of the sediment facies. The results of this investigation will be published in the Marine Geologic Map of Caja de Muertos and the Marine Geologic Map of Salinas to Jobos area. The marine geologic maps will provide reconnaissance level information on bathymetry, geologic structure, surficial sediment characteristics and coastal processes. These maps will be part of a geologic mapping program that covers the Puerto Rico insular shelf, that is being carried out by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources.

USGS Project Number:

Contact: Juan Trias ()

InfoBank: uses the identifier J-11-91-PR. Visit this site for more information.

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Map for Area of Operations :

Map of field activity boundary.

Platform Info:
photo of JEAN A

The following materials for this field activity are available in the Information Archives:

Paper seismic/sidescan bottom profiles:

Inventory #LinesFolderStart TimeEnd TimeProfile TypeRemarks
046091-5 00110:40 11/07/199117:37 11/07/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
046106-11 00209:12 11/08/199114:27 11/08/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
0461112-22 00309:13 11/09/199117:02 11/09/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
0461223-29 00409:45 11/10/199117:25 11/10/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
0461331-42 00508:57 11/14/199117:05 11/14/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
0461443-54 00608:22 11/16/199117:05 11/16/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
0461555-61 00708:35 11/17/199115:51 11/17/1991 HUNT- 3.5K
04616ST1-8,11-17,20 00111:45 11/11/199117:55 11/11/1991 3.5K-
04617ST18-43 00209:12 11/12/199117:35 11/12/1991 3.5K-
04618ST44-69 00308:55 11/13/199116:23 11/13/1991 3.5K-
04619ST70-72,120-143 00409:15 11/18/199115:50 11/18/1991 3.5K-
04620ST144-160 00509:20 11/19/199114:00 11/19/1991 3.5K-
04621ST161-197 00607:43 11/20/199116:25 11/20/1991 3.5K-

class="label">Seismic data on VHS cassette tape:

Inventory #Box #FormatStart TimeEnd TimeLinesRemarks
0393VHS: 11/07/1991: 11/00/1991
0394VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0395VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0396VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0397VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0398VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0399VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0400VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0401VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0402VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0403VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0404VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0405VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991
0406VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0407VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0408VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0409VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0410VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0411VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0412VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0413VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0414VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
0415VHS: 11/00/1991: 11/00/1991SAMPLING STATIONS
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