Summary for Field Activity Number 2006-025-FA

Area of Operations: West Falmouth Harbor, Snug Harbor, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, United States, North America, North Atlantic

Dates: July 07, 2006 to July 07, 2006

Objectives: Radon mapping and radon discrete water column sampling to assess groundwater discharge.

Type of Activity: Sampling

Information to be derived: radioisotopic tracer

Summary: Mapping of water-column radon activity took place in Snug Harbor on July 7 aboard a slow-moving skiff equipped with RAD7 radon detectors and a YSI sonde interfaced to a laptop computer. This effort focused on both a low-tide and high-tide circumnavigation on that day. Simultaneously, discrete water samples (14 during the low-tide and only 11 during the high-tide due to logistical difficulties) were collected for subsequent radon analysis, jointly by kayakers using a peristaltic pump to take surface water and by people in the radon mapping vessel who used a Niskin bottle to this same end.

USGS Project Number: 2921-0I413 - Project Description

Contact: Laura Erban (

InfoBank: uses the identifier T-2-06-BZ. Visit this site for more information.

Map for Area of Operations :

Map of field activity boundary.

Platform Info:
photo of TERRAPIN

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